The ESSO Stanley Park Marina in Vancouver Harbour. Barge design by Cove Dixon & dolphins/anchors by Swan Wooster. Total project management plus petroleum piping, pumps, filtration and meters by Larry Bergquist . Pumping speeds from 20 liters/min. to 2700 liters/min. enable service to the smallest pleasure craft to deep sea  tugs. Products range from gasoline, diesel, bulk lubes and bulk hydraulic oils.

Locations I've designed & built include False Creek, Steveston, Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Port Hardy, Prince Rupert as well as many independent locations. Projects range from grassroots, refits, dry-docking, upgrades and minor additions.


Facility design includes tanks (primarily on shore but other options are available under special conditions and approval), selection is above ground, in ground, single wall or double, steel, fiberglass, or a combination and /or concrete. Truck or ship delivery. Piping includes in ground, above ground, on structures (wharf/float) & under water (submarine), it can be double wall or single wall. At some point jumper hoses for tidal conditions must be added. Jumper hoses   must be well designed or failure will occur from rubbing, stretching or catching on an item.  Thermal relief is essential for any piping above grade, as the product will expand with temperature and it will leak at a weak point.  Typical structures would be wharf/trestle and/or float of wood, concrete or steel.

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